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inn guests:

NETWORK: Clear River Inn High Speed
PASSWORD: 8027468999


NETWORK: CRI_Residents  
PASSWORD: Pittsfield88


*To request a late check-out, please contact the front desk directly and we will do our best to accommodate

call: (802) 746-7916
text: (802) 306-8005

need assistance?


If the front office is not open or you are unable to find a staff member to assist you, we are on-call & available 24 hours via email & the front desk phone.

Call (802) 746-7916 or Text (802) 306-8005 at any time.

If you call, please leave a message if you do not reach us immediately and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 




Free parking is available anywhere in the hotel parking lot. Please be mindful of snow/ice falling off the roof and do not park too close when that is in effect. If you have a trailer, there is a larger parking lot down the tavern driveway to the left. Please do not block any parking spaces without permission. 

daily housekeeping:


To ensure the safety of our staff & respect the privacy of our guests, our housekeeping team will not enter your room for daily cleaning unless directly requested to the front desk. Daily Housekeeping can be requested via email, text or phone call. See contact information above. 


If requested, Daily Housekeeping includes making up the beds, throwing away excess garbage/recycling, replacing trash bags, and replenishing both towels & amenities. To help us best meet your needs, we ask that you please honor our few requests: 


1) Make sure to notify us if there is an animal in the room. In the case there is any aggression from the animal, our team is not required to complete the service.  

2) Please do not leave anything questionable out if you don't want it to be thrown away.

3) Please hang up any towels that you will reuse, and leave any on the ground that you would like to be replaced. 

4) Please let us know if you are going to be back to the room before 4pm so we can ensure it's ready for you upon arrival. 

*There are garbage & recycling cans located at the bottom of both stairwells, feel free to throw anything away there at any time. Extra trash bags can be found in the Amenities Phone Booth. 

Free Breakfast:


The Breakfast Nook will be open each day @ 6am with a complementary Continental breakfast , coffee and snacks.  Located directly between the Front Office & the Amenities Phone Booth! No entry code necessary. 


*If you are experiencing issues accessing the Breakfast nook after 6am, please contact the front desk either via text or call/voicemail and someone will be there to assist you right away. 



Need extra towels? Toilet paper? Tissues? Maybe a few extra coffee cups, kcup pods, or trash bags? Check out the Amenities Phone Booth right outside the front office - open 24 hours! Hair dryers & irons can be found in the Breakfast Nook during winter months as it is too cold to leave them in the phone booth. 


*Looking for something you can't find? Let us know! (text/call/email)



Your door is set to automatically lock behind you anytime that you close it. If you switch the lock position on the door handle when you are in the room, that will unlock the door from the outside. 


*If you want to ensure that your door is locked at all times, you can just double check that both door handles don't move when you jiggle the handle. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! 



To check out, please hang the green "VACANT" tag on the outside of your door so we know you have left. It should be hanging on the handle on the inside of your door. You do not need to check out at the front desk. 


If you are checking out before the office opens & looking for a receipt for your stay, please send us an email & we will send the receipt to you via email ASAP. 


*Check-out is no later than 11am unless a late check-out is directly approved. 

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